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An assessment of the Support Services for Women Victims of Violence in Iriga City and Nabua, Camarines Sur


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Graduate School - Ateneo de Naga University

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Public Administration
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Study design: Descriptive research method ; Random sampling technique

Study setting: Iriga City and Nabua, Camarines Sur

Study population: This study involved one hundred women victims and nine service providers.

The findings revealed that three support services: legal assistance, mediation services, and medical assistance have sufficient sample size which is capable of meaningful statistical treatment. Though other support services such as: advocacy, counseling, economic assistance, referral, employment related benefits and the recording of incident were availed of by women victims, these are not scientifically treated because of their small sample size.

The study revealed that the level of satisfaction on the outcome resulted in: openness to opportunities, awareness of rights, participation in the community, and peaceful life. These outcomes all had high level of satisfaction on the women victims. But as to the outcome of having no change in their lives, this has low level of satisfaction for these women are still in worse situation. Hence, there is a need for more comprehensive programs and services.


General Objective
This present research investigated the mandated support programs and services for women victims of violence in Nabua, Camarines sur and Iriga City in year 2002-2004. It tried to look into the possible correlation between the extent of availment of support of services and level of satisfaction.
Specific Objective
a. What are the types of violence experienced by the women victims in Nabua, Camarines Sur?
b. What are the mandated programs and services being provided by the government and which of these are implemented in Nabua, Camarines Sur and Iriga City?
c. What support services are availed by women victims of violence and to what extent were these availed?
d. Is the extent of availment of the support services correlated with level of satisfaction of such services?
e. What is the outcome of the support services and the level of satisfaction on such outcome as perceived by the women victims themselves?

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