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School absenteeism : the case of Ateneo de Naga University college students


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Ateneo de Naga University

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Context: The present study aims to explore the nature of the phenomenon of absenteeism and the process by which it is experienced by the ADNU college students and to explain why absenteeism persists among them.

Study design: This study utilized a non-experimental, descriptive ex post facto research design to substantiate the findings of the qualitative study and the test hypotheses concerning absenteeism and its correlates among Ateneo de Naga University college students.

Study setting: The qualitative and quantitative parts of the study were conducted in ADNU during the second (2nd) Semester SY 2006-2007 and first (1st) Semester SY 2007-2008 respectively.

Study population: The sample for this study was composed of ADNU college students. The sampling frame for this study was comprised of all absentee and non-absentee students from the six colleges of ADNU.

Conclusion: The case of ADNU college students with regard to school absenteeism is the same with students reported in other contexts, and yet, is unique in many ways. Based on the findings, theoretical research and implications to the academic programs, curriculum and instruction, student welfare, and services of Ateneo de Naga University were drawn.


General Objective
This study proports to develop and validate a formal quantitatve instrument for determining the factors related to the absenteeism of the students. It will also determine the measurable differences between absentee and non-absentee students. It also aims to use the findings to develop recommendations for possible changes or improvement in the academic programs and services which eventually would help improve students' class attendance.

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